“There is no “i” in team but there is in win.” – Michael Jordan

Sumaya Agha

Sumaya Agha Event Planning, Design

Sumaya is pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and is about to venture off to Liberia on an internship with New Narratives!



Willow Aray Curator, Outreach

Willow is secretly a ninja in disguise, but shhh don’t tell, or others may see that she is only pretending to play adult. Her passion is cultivating community through art and communication. She loves exploring the bridges between cultures, generations and gender. Her commitment to Inspiring Tomorrow, Today is why she chases dreams and tries to enjoy all the small miracles she encounters on the path each day!


Karina BargerKarina Barger Ideator, Dougie Instructor

Karina is a learner and teacher… a daughter and a mother… mover and a shaker. I spend my days changing the world, 23 third graders at at a time.





Bob ColeBob Cole Conspirator

Bob’s a an accidental technologist, educator and tinkerer who loves to be around people, young and old alike, caught up in the joy of learning. Proud dad of three kiddos who inspire him everyday (Luci, Dylan, and Chaya), he believes that in life, it’s worth taking a few chances. TEDxYouth@Monterey is one of those!



Diane Danver-SimmonsDiane Danver-Simmons Curator, Partnerships

Diane’s first passion growing up in England centered around the performing and fine arts which she transferred into the creative business world of adverting and promotions. Diane is a mother of two and in recent years has drawn from her corporate platform in transferring her skill set into chairing fundraisers and events for her children’s schools and not-for-profit organizations. She is currently an active committee member of the Greater Bay Make -a -Wish Foundation in Monterey. Diane is also writing her first book as well as developing two blog sites!


Aaron EdenAaron Eden Co-Conspirator

Aaron is an educator, a learner, and a lover of ideas. He is a strong believer that young minds and hearts have much to teach, and strives to facilitate learning environments that inspire and enrich all participants. Aaron gets schooled by his three young children every day.



Joyce LinJoyce Lin Graphic Design

Joyce is currently a senior Graphic Designer pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design at California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo. She loves experiencing new things, exploring challenges, and finding inspiration in the littlest aspects of life. She believes that in life, you won’t truly enjoy what it has to offer until you learn to step out of your comfort bubble. Lastly, she is glad to have had the wonderful opportunity to work with such a fun group of people in seeing TEDxYouth@Monterey achieve success!


Tritia Moneypenny

Tritia Moneypenny Curator

A Senior Education Specialist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Tritia Moneypenny has helped develop educational and youth development programs that have brought the ocean alive to hundreds of students. Tritia’s current focus is directed towards developing programs that allow teens to co-create and collaborate their growth and education alongside staff and volunteers. She enjoys seeing students reach their potential and discover new possibilities for their futures.


Joe Santiago

Joe Santiago Curator, Outreach
Joe is a proud father of two daughters who are now in college. Joe was born in Wurzburg, Germany and grew up here on the Monterey Peninsula after his father was stationed at the former Fort Ord. Joe attended area schools and graduated from Seaside High School. He returned to the peninsula over three years ago after spending ten years working in a wilderness crisis intervention assessment program in Idaho. He’s now the Program Manager at Community of Caring Monterey Peninsula, a local non-profit that works with area schools to bring character development and bullying prevention programs to the children and families in our community.


Michele Swanston Curator, Production

Jill of all trades, jack of none….Hey, Michele is at her best when she’s helping support others in achieving their potential. Her work expertise is brand management and project management. In life, she works hard to appreciate what others have to contribute to our community to make it unique, diverse and very interesting.



Tami Weiss Volunteer Wrangler

Tami is pursuing a Masters in International Environmental Policy at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. When she’s not busy saving the environment she loves to cook, take pictures of the things she’s cooked and travel to other countries so she can take cooking classes.