Tim Bentley & Eric Woolery-Grimm

Tim and EricAlternative Energy Entreprenuers

A founding member of Sustainable Now Technologies, Inc., Tim has made a career of identifying and solving problems. Tim started his engineering career as a sophomore at USC, working with Honeywell Turbocharging Systems as a development and test engineer in the advanced projects group. Here he worked on the fast-paced development of the air-bearing turbocharger project. The only test engineer on a 5-person team, Tim was tasked with developing a test rig for daily tests of the new design, and responsible for coordinating and executing design changes. After honing his software and theoretical analysis skills at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Tim graduated from USC in 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. At this time he started a position as a test engineer at the Boeing Company’s Satellite Development Center, further honing his testing and troubleshooting skills. While working towards his Master’s at USC, Tim took a focus in Alternative Energies. Early investigations involved home-based hydrogen production and fueling system. As Chief Technology Officer since the company’s inception, he has guided the product development of SNT’s Energy Conversion Machines. Tim currently serves as Space Vehicle Test Director for the Boeing Company’s Satellite Development Center.

A founding member of Sustainable Now Technologies, Inc., Eric has pioneered the use of organic oils for industry solutions for numerous eco-friendly products. Beginning in 2002, Eric has been an advocate for the use of D-Limonene, a byproduct of the orange and juicing industry, as an organic alternative pesticide with superior local treatment capabilities. Graduate of USC Fine Arts 2003 (illustration/cinema/theater) Eric has managed diverse projects including wetland conservation with Robbie Conal & artBURN, California primary fundraising and design for the Obama California Campaign (Green By Design Ltd.), and digital documentary and video art installation with Bohemian Lifestyle Entertainment.  In 2005, Eric toured the nation with an award winning documentary he co-directed and co-edited. Returning to L.A. he settled in downtown and became active locally, joining the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council in 2006 focusing on park space, parking issues, and the revitalization of neglected industrial buildings. In 2009, Eric completed patent imaging for the working prototype Helix Bioreactor as well as helped build the first 10 and 200 Gallon indoor industrial algae growth environments for Origin Oil Inc. Eric currently represents the family business as a Branch 3 Structural Inspector, in Signal Hill, CA.

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