Larry, Judy and Sean Crowder

by bcole


Larry Crowder is the Science Director at the Center for Ocean Solutions (COS).  He is also a Professor of Biology at Hopkins Marine Station and a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, both part of Stanford University.  Dr. Crowder’s research centers on predation and food web interactions, mechanisms underlying recruitment variation in fishes, population and food web modeling in conservation biology, and interdisciplinary approaches to marine conservation.

Judy Crowder grew up in Fresno and got her BA in journalism from CSU Fresno. She taught preschool for many years. Currently she writes book reviews for children’s books for She’s married to Larry Crowder with three grown children. Her life’s motto: If you can’t be drop dead gorgeous, at least be interesting.

Sean Crowder, the second child of Larry and Judy Crowder, grew up in North Carolina. He was a fine arts major at a technical college before going to UNC-Wilmington receiving a degree in film studies. He has worked on some film projects including Otter 501 produced by Sea Studios in Monterey.


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