2012 Program

April 13, 2012
Thank You for an Amazing Day!

  9:00am Check-In with Tickets. Enjoy Morning Refreshments.
Innovation Lounge Preview. Engage with ideas marked with * in the Lounge!
  9:30am Doors Open to Auditorium. Seating is unreserved 
10:00am Dan REINEMAN Welcome! 
Begin Morning Session
Morning Session: MIND
Elin KELSEY Eco-buoyant!
Dan BRAYTON We are All Sea Monsters
Lynne COX Swimming Through the Sea of Change
Whitney ANDERSON What Used to Be…
John BATES The Blu: The Ocean Meets the Social Web*
Wallace J. NICHOLS My Life as a Sea Star
11:45am Sustainable Lunch & Idea Exchange
  1:00pm Dan REINEMAN Welcome Back!
  Begin First Afternoon Session
Sea Change: MATTER
Kyra SCHLINING Merging Science & Art – A Radical Collaboration
SpectorDANCE excerpts from Ocean
Melissa GARREN The Sea We’ve Hardly Seen
Eric WOOLERY-GRIMM Distributed Production: Harnessing the Power of Ocean Life*
Colleen FLANIGAN Coral Restoration: Cultivating Mutual Symbiosis in the Anthropocene*
Larry CROWDER Restoring the Relationship of People to Oceans
Ann WASSER Citizen Science – Rediscovering the Naturalist in All of Us
 2:30pm Energizer Break!
Enjoy Afternoon Refreshments. Visit the Innovation Lounge. Meet New People.
 3:00pm Dan REINEMAN Welcome Back!
Begin Final Afternoon Session
 Sea Change Market
Mike SUTTON The Future of Seafood and Our Oceans
Gary CLINE Bristol Bay: Through the Heart of a Local Fisherman
Max MARTY Blueseed – Breathing New Life into Disruptive Innovation
Jason SCORSE The Ocean’s True Market Value*
Alan LOVEWELL The Fishermen I Have Known*
Selin JESSA The Liquid Bonds that Tie Us Together
 4:15pm Dan REINEMAN Program Closing and Thank You.