Laura DARE

by bcole

Laura Dare

Laura Dare grew up in New York, where she was one of many girls strumming a guitar through teenage angst. Her love of performing led her to pursue a B.A. in Theater and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts. She received her M.A. at Columbia College in Chicago where being with painters, sculptors, filmmakers, dancers, singers, performance artists, and writers helped her appreciate, develop and integrate her love of all the arts. She especially enjoyed hanging with the envelope pushers —they made her feel downright normal. Making her way to the Central California Coast in the late 90s, Laura found her true home. Her place. She is a Californian, a partner, a mother, a singer/songwriter, an activist for children’s rights, a collaborator, and a friend to some truly authentic human beings.

Laura has been writing songs for about 20 years. She has always been enthralled by the combination of melody and storytelling, and continuously strives to improve upon her versions of that magical combination. Wherever You Go, Laura’s full-length CD, features original songs in a style she calls bluesy pop. Laura composed and performed the original soundtrack for “Boyhood Shadows” an award-winning feature documentary chronicling the journey of five men whose lives were changed by childhood sexual assault. The documentary appeared on PBS in 2013 all across the U.S. and has traveled to film festivals internationally.

Laura’s putting her whole heart into her latest endeavor: starting a revolution for young girls and women to break the cycle of self-deprecation.

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