Organizing Team

Meet the 2013 organizing team.

Sophal Ear Sophal Ear License Holder, Former TED Fellow
Sophal leads research on post-conflict countries — looking at the effectiveness of foreign aid and the challenge of development in places like his native land, Cambodia.  He came to the US at the age of 10 as a Cambodian refugee via France after his mother escaped with him and his four siblings from the Khmer Rouge by posing as a Vietnamese woman.  He recounted his family’s escape at the 2009 TED conference. “Escaping the Khmer Rouge.
Aaron Eden Aaron Eden Advancement & Communications
Aaron strives to co-create the necessary conditions and networks for rapid-prototyping of ideas, exploration, and growth in individuals, in classrooms, and in communities. Aaron began his foray into TEDx by co-organizing TEDxYouth@Monterey in November, 2011. Apparently he’s a glutton for punishment…
Bob Cole Bob Cole Connector, Wrangler
Bob is an accidental-turned-intentional technologist, tinkerer, and community-minded family guy that works in the Digital Learning Commons at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  He’s interested in emergence, social and eco-friendly entrepreneurship, and organizational learning. He’s been a part of the TEDxMonterey organizing team since 2010 and jumped into the organizer’s seat for the inaugural TEDxYouth@Monterey which took place November, 2011.  This is his 5th TEDx experiment.
Eva Gudbergsdottir Eva Gudbergsdottir Lead Speaker Curation & Coach, Event & Public Relations
Eva is the token Icelander in the group, drawing on her deep North Atlantic roots and journalistic experience to curate this year’s event and 2012′s TEDxMonterey “Sea Change.” Her day job is working as the manager of public and community relations for the Monterey Institute of International Studies where she earned her master’s degree in public administration.
Danielle Razo Danielle Razo Partnerships
Design obsessed, organizational behavior focused and avid supporter of sustainable architecture, Danielle is inspired by anything and everything that enriches the community and inspires change within organizations. A TED enthusiast with love for the visual and performing arts, Danielle spends her time as a freelance space consultant and volunteers at the Monterey Art Museum, Carmel Bach Festival, and Monterey Bay Aquarium. A Los Angeles native, Danielle received her degree from University of Southern California in Business Finance and Architecture.
erich_pacheco Erich Pacheco Sustainability Coordinator
Erich Pacheco is originally from Venezuela and received a BA in Natural Resource Economics from the University of California, Davis in 2007. After graduation he joined the United States Peace Corps where he worked as a Community Economic Development Volunteer in the West African country of Guinea. He later worked as an Economic Growth and Agricultural Development Associate for a USAID project in Mali. Erich is a student of International Environmental Policy at MIIS, focusing on Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. Upon completion of his degree in May 2013, Erich will focus his work on sustainable coastal development and poverty alleviation in developing countries.
 cj_headshot Graphic Art Assistants

CJ Phagasian
C.J. is currently a student at York School.  He was the youngest speaker at Monterey’s TEDxYouth conference in 2011 where he talked about the life of an idea. C.J. likes to hunt for the little jewels in everyday life. He is an eccentric teenager of action who laughs at even the worst of jokes and doodles in a clipboard he drags with him everywhere. In his free time he likes to write, draw, paint, watch YouTube videos, and attempt doing things he has the courage to try.

image Taylor Jani
Taylor is fourteen years old and is in the 8th grade. Her interests include art, school, and reading. This is her first time being involved in a TEDx event.

Grace He (not pictured)
A Georgia native, Grace is an 8th grader at Buena Vista Middle School. With a passion for performing and  visual arts, she can often be found sketching or polishing her piano-playing skills. She is also an avid reader and loves writing her own stories.

Jason Redmond Jason Redmond Communications
Jason is an area fundraising and engagement specialist, excited about communicating the details of TEDxMonterey across a myriad of messaging platforms. He resides in Pacific Grove after earning his J.D. from UC Davis, and prefers building sustainable nonprofit arts organizations and promoting social change over filing lawsuits and wearing suits for 15 hours a day.
jeffportMED Jeff McCall Livestream & Video Director
Jeff is a jack of all trades (master of some) at Cal State Monterey Bay. His primary title is Digital Media Producer which includes broadcast and classroom video and multimedia. Besides that he’s admins academic technology tools for lecture capture, streaming media, digital signage, the learning management system and A/V control. He’s hoping robots take over the world so he can kill them, take them apart and re-use the parts for his own enjoyment and gratification.
Jie (Robert) Yin Youth Organizer
Robert is a passionate and dedicated high school junior at Stevenson School. He has been on the TEDxMonerey organizing team since the past September. Robert would like to contribute in the field of Partnerships and Communications for TEDxMonterey 2013. Meanwhile, he also looks forward to expanding the influence on the youth level. When Robert is not doing any schoolwork, he also devotes his time into taking up roles of part-time teacher, chief interviewer and textbook editor at China Youth Value Society. Robert looks forward to a great TEDxMonterey 2013!
Marie Butcher Marie Butcher Event & Speaker Curation
Marie has been a TEDxMonterey fan since its inception. She is a strong believer in the power of collaboration and living sustainably. She is founder of Green Heart Works, spreading green education and inspiration. She wears multiple hats: teaching at MPC & MIIS, participating in Leadership Monterey Peninsula & Joint Venture Monterey Bay. Marie is enjoying participating with the team on the quest for awesome talent to bring to the stage at this year’s TEDxMonterey.
Max Troyer Max Troyer Interpretation and Web Streaming Coordination
Max is a Translation Consultant and Adjunct Professor in the Translation and Localization Management department at the Monterey Institute. Besides language, he has a passion for roller skating and enjoys visiting new rinks when traveling. For TEDxMonterey, Max is responsible for maintaining the foreign language concurrent audio streams, and is also the interpreter liaison for the 27 student conference interpreters from the Monterey Institute.
Michele Swanston Michele Swanston Production & Technical Design
Living, breathing, and working in all things production, Michele is a repeat team member with TEDx Monterey. Starting with TEDx Youth @ Monterey in 2011, filming TEDx Monterey Sea Change in 2012, and playing with the core event team on the Leading Out event coming in April 2013. When Michele is not working on a production, she’s filling her down time with volunteer work, family, and at times a relaxing day off.
031006_moneypenny44 Brian Moneypenny Resident Sculptor
Brian Moneypenny was inspired by this year’s TEDxMonterey theme statement that “familiar boundaries that once defined place, space, thought, and discipline have been lifted from the map.”  He pondered how he could represent this transition from historical, traditional relationships to an ever-evolving, growing network.  Why not challenge the notion that latitude and longitude lines define our relationship to each other and our world?!  These days, our insatiable desire to answer our “what if…” dreams calls us to make our own affliations and add new available pathways.  To this end, Brian welcomes you to tie your own connections on this sculpture.
TritiaSlide Tritia Moneypenny Volunteer Organizer, Experience Lounge
As a pro-active and all-around-useful gal, Tritia gets a thrill from helping events run smoothly. She currently manages Monterey Bay Aquarium’s high school volunteers, so she’s adept at orchestrating needs and tasking individuals to get the job done. Tritia’s professional focus is evolving programs that facilitate the positive development of young people. “Ms. Money”, as her students like to call her, is one eco-fabulous chick too – always adorned with her bamboo utensils, glass drinking straws, stainless steel coffee mug and reusable bag!
TEDx CIs_4 Vanessa Im, Camila González-Misas, Shelly Wang, Max Falaleyev Chief Interpreters
Meet the four interpreters in charge of managing the interpreting team who will make it possible for anyone anywhere in the world to listen to the event in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, or Spanish – live! All the interpreters are students about to graduate with a Masters degree from the Monterey Institute Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education.