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How do I apply to attend TEDxMonterey 2013?

Click on the “APPLY” button to the right, then complete the short application form for our team to review.

How does the Application Process Work?

There is no cost to apply.  Applicants will be notified about the status of their application to attend once the organizing team has completed its review. Because we expect a large demand for tickets, we cannot ensure that all applicants will receive an invitation to attend.  If you receive an invitation to attend, you will be directed to purchase your ticket online through our site.

How much will tickets cost?

If you are selected to participate, the ticket price will be $30.00* for invited guests and $15.00 for invited students.  Invited students or youth age 13 or younger must have a completed Youth Permission and Multimedia Release form to attend the event.

If you are keen on experiencing TEDxMonterey we strongly encourage you to apply. *A limited number of scholarships will be available to invitees experiencing economic hardship.  Please indicate your interest in the scholarship program on the application form.

Your ticket will include: access to the day’s program day of engaging presentations, performances and thought-provoking discussions around this years theme, opportunities to meet and connect with new people, a catered box lunch, energizer breaks, and admission to the Innovation Lab.

Why does TEDxMonterey have an application process to attend?

TEDxMonterey is bound by a license which permits use of the TEDx brand. TEDxMonterey is an independently organized event, licensed by but not run by TED.  There are many guidelines as well as recommendations that TED provides to organizers to help create a TED-like experience at TEDx events. Among these, TED encourages prospective TEDx attendees to fill out applications forms in order to showcase their commitment to attending and participating in the event.

Like our curated speaker program, this year our participants (audience) will be selected based on a process that takes into account only the answers provided to the questions asked on the application form. It is important to note that our team is not tasked with evaluating individuals, but their applications. We will take the time to review all of the applications and offer people admission based primarily on their enthusiasm and the care that they take in filling out the five questions on the form. Invitation decisions are not based on people’s background, achievements, or stature in the community. Rather it is a measure of desire to attend and engage, as best we can determine from your answers to these simple questions.  What is most important to us is that there is a wide continuum of experience and engagement.  It is a “spark” we are seeking from people who are interested,  not a list of accomplishments or talents.

How else can I participate?

If you do not receive an invitation do keep in mind that you can participate in the event online via our multilingual Livestream channel, or inquire about the possibility of hosting a viewing party with friends, neighbors, or colleagues.