Meet the 2014 organizing team.

Aaron Eden Aaron Eden License Holder
Aaron strives to co-create the necessary conditions and networks for rapid-prototyping of ideas, exploration, and growth in individuals, in classrooms, and in communities. Aaron began his foray into TEDx by co-organizing TEDxYouth@Monterey in November, 2011. He will be heading out on a great family adventure beginning in May 2014, relocating his family to Europe and India to slow down, see the world, and research transformative learning models.
Bob Cole Bob Cole Organizer, Curator, Tech Wrangler
Bob is an accidental-turned-intentional technologist, tinkerer, and community-minded family guy that co-leads the Digital Learning Commons at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  He’s interested in emergence, social and eco-friendly entrepreneurship, and organizational learning. He’s been a part of the TEDxMonterey organizing team since 2010 and jumped into the organizer’s seat for the inaugural TEDxYouth@Monterey which took place November, 2011.  This is his 6th TEDxMonterey event as an organizer!
Eva Gudbergsdottir Eva Gudbergsdottir Organizer, Speaker Curation, Event & Public Relations
Eva is the token Icelander in the group, drawing on her deep North Atlantic roots and journalistic experience to co-curate TEDxMonterey the past three years. Her day job is working as associate director of communications for the Monterey Institute of International Studies where she earned her master’s degree in public administration.
Michele Swanston Michele Swanston Organizer, Production & Technical Design
Living, breathing, and working in all things production, Michele is a repeat team member with TEDx Monterey. Starting with TEDx Youth@Monterey in 2011, filming TEDx Monterey Sea Change in 2012, leading the core event experience team in 2013, Michele is overseeing staging, experience, and the look and feel of production. When Michele is not working on a theater production, she’s ‘on the move’ helping small businesses grow their marketing through media.
cory_hannah Cory Blandford & Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja Chief Interpreters
Cory and Hanna are organizing the interpreting team that will make it possible for anyone anywhere in the world to listen to TEDxMonterey in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian or Spanish—live! Like all of this year’s TEDx Monterey interpreters, Cory and Hanna are about to graduate with master’s degrees from the Monterey Institute of International Studies’ Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education.
Melissa Jennings Melissa Jennings Social Media
Melissa is the web and social media specialist at the Monterey Institute. She finds that the hardest thing about working with social media for TEDxMonterey is getting sucked into the endlessly inspiring world of TED talks and emerging hours later trying to remember what she wanted to post about in the first place. When not exploring the digital world she spends every spare second outside running, hiking, and biking.
jeffportMED Jeff McCall Livestream & Video Director
Jeff is a jack of all trades (master of some) at Cal State Monterey Bay. His primary title is Digital Media Producer which includes broadcast and classroom video and multimedia. Besides that he’s admins academic technology tools for lecture capture, streaming media, digital signage, the learning management system and A/V control. He’s hoping robots take over the world so he can kill them, take them apart and re-use the parts for his own enjoyment and gratification.
George Payne George Payne TEDxMonterey “Edges” MC and Host
George is a native New Englander with a long, intimate relationship with his own education. Dedicated to improving intercultural communications in educational settings, he studies International Education Management and Public Administration at the Monterey Institute with the intent to better link African and Middle Eastern education systems with each other, and with the United States. He’s also an avid poet and co-host of the Good Vibes: Open Mic events at MIIS, providing a platform for his classmates to better express themselves through the arts.

Max Troyer Max Troyer Interpretation and Web Streaming Coordination
Max is a Translation Consultant and Adjunct Professor in the Translation and Localization Management department at the Monterey Institute. Besides language, he has a passion for roller skating and enjoys visiting new rinks when traveling. For TEDxMonterey, Max is responsible for maintaining the foreign language concurrent audio streams, and is also the interpreter liaison for the 27 student conference interpreters from the Monterey Institute.