2013 Program

April 13, 2013

  9:00am Check-In with Tickets at Irvine Auditorium, 499 Pierce St.Pick Up your TEDx Badge. Enjoy Morning Refreshments.
Experience Lounge Preview. Engage and Interact!
  9:30am Doors Open to AuditoriumSeating is unreserved 
casey_frazier Casey FRAZIER Singer, Songwriter
Pre-show in the Auditorium
10:00am Morning Session
  Jessy - head shot Jessy BRADISH TEDxMonterey Host, Eco-Comedian
A TEDx welcome from our Host
Qianxi_Xiao Qianxi XIAO Translator, Backpacker
Enjoy Every Moment of Your Journey
marc_shargel Marc SHARGEL Undersea Photographer
Yesterday’s Ocean: A Photographic Look Backward in Time
2aedf2870d859df31c7ea5acd5c7d0027cbc1cef_254x191 Sue AUSTIN Multimedia Artist
Deep Sea Diving….in a Wheelchair *TED Video
9-22-12-before-steinbeck-1 Belle YANG Author, Artist
Revenge Against Time and Forgetting
Fariba photo small Fariba NAWA Journalist, Author
An Exile Finds Home
19e1ead0120a7f5767f290cf8c84449c72dd5ae1_254x191 Candy CHANG Artist, Urban Planner
Before I die I want to…*TED Video
Brian Bajari Brian BAJARI Crisis Minister
What I’ve learned About Compassion from the Homeless
scott_snibbe Scott SNIBBE Media Artist, Entrepreneur
Human Cultural Evolution: An App for That?
11:45am  Lunch & Conversation at the Samson Center
1:00pm  Afternoon Session
Mark Lukach Mark LUKACH Writer, Teacher
No Matter What
MaureenFura.headshot Maureen FURA Advocate, Documentarian
Rewriting the Story
5a5c08d5e4a047185df11b8f1ef06d647b18b225_254x191 Ron FINLEY Artist, Designer
A Guerilla Gardener in South Central L.A.*TED Video
Shawn TED Photo Shawn HARRIS Global Cowboy
Stepping Out on our Comfort Zone
Brookhouser Photo Kevin BROOKHOUSER Teacher, Technologist
Don’t Call it a Classroom
Ailis Dooner Ailis DOONER Teen Conservationist, Cancer Researcher
Zooxanthellae: Curious Solutions
Jon Isham Jon ISHAM Education Innovator
A Barber, a Dentist and a Governor Walk into a Classroom
 2:30pm Awesome Energizer Break!
Enjoy Afternoon Refreshments. Visit the Experience Lounge. Meet New People.
 3:00pm  Mid Afternoon Session
Dornith Doherty Svalbard Dornith DOHERTY Photographer, Biodiversity Champion
Archiving Eden
Nuket Kardam Nükhet KARDAM Professor, Seeker
Watercolor Identities
IMG_0291 Charley RUEGGER Clean Energy Entrepreneur
The Re-Evaporator
32fa3baa0fd1ee8de6a4e0818343474bb194d9c5_254x191 Joe SMITH Oregonian
How to Use a Paper Towel *TED Video
6a0120a5c94e03970b017c332bf7f4970b-800wi Kirk LOMBARD Sea Forager, Tubist
The Gospel Of Small Fishes
Crowder Family Larry CROWDER Seafaring Storyteller
The Mernet
 4:20pm  TEDxMonterey Organizing Team Program Closing and Thank You.
* indicates TED Talk video